In a place far from here, where worship is costly Sits a mother, father, and their three little ones As they kneel with hands raised up, lifting up their prayers, The soldiers with guns come in and take them away. Off to a tiny room, the daddy is taken, strengthened by the Lord as he […]

Who is this Jesus who was born to a virgin and her husband? Who is this Jesus who Magi from the east came with gifts and to worship Him? Who is this Jesus who at the age of 12, amazed those who heard Him in the temple court at His understanding and answers? Who is […]

Kept for Jesus Christ What more can I say? It is done, it is finished There is no other way. Kept for Jesus Christ Oh how my soul rejoices Knowing that I am His forever And there is no one or nothing that can take me away.

By it, I see the sinfulness of man Though by the Holy Spirit I am convicted of my own sin By it, I see how I am to live Though by the Holy Spirit I am given power to live

A Christless eternity, what a horrible thing. Yet so many have gone and many will go and face this very situation. Each day the gospel is proclaimed and each day many reject the free gift offered. Are you being faithful where the Lord has you? Are you being faithful to witness to your family and […]

Almighty Father, The one who dwelleth in heav’n above The one whose name is to be hallowed The one who draweth us to Thee The one who loveth most and Sent His only Son to die for a most wretched like me.

Mighty God, Masterful Creator of all that I can and cannot see from the smallest of creatures, to galaxies beyond what the eyes can see, all declaring the work of Your hands When I think of who You are and who I am it’s unfathomable that You would save such a sinner as me Most […]