Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

More powerful than the blood of goats or calves
or any other sacrifice ever made

Is the precious blood of Jesus Christ
which flowed down from Immanuel’s veins.

The cross of Calvary where He died
to purchase salvation of every saint.

The precious blood of Jesus Christ did for me what nothing could do – atone for me my sins; never having to sacrifice again, because the perfect Lamb was slain in my place.

Oh, the precious blood of the Lamb, so pure,
this Lamb without any stain.

That He should die for such a sinner as me;
that is grace, all of God’s grace.

For nothing good ever existed in me; only hate for a Holy God. Yet that the Father should choose an unworthy sinner like me and send His Son to give His blood to atone for my sins and the Holy Spirit grant me the faith to believe – to be born again so that I could see the kingdom of God – “nothing to the cross I bring but only to the cross I cling” for saving such a wretch like me.

What more to do, but to praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, knowing I have been a beneficiary of God’s great mercy.

Thank you Lord for the gift of faith which allowed me to repent and believe. Salvation, all of you, nothing of me. No room for boasting; no room to gloat; no room to say I had enough faith to believe while others didn’t. No room. All God.

All glory to God. All honor to God.
All praise to God who in His mercy saves whom He will save.

This, the God of the Bible – long suffering, patient, loving, all-consuming fire, holy…To Him be all praise forever and ever. Amen.


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