Kept for Jesus Christ

Kept for Jesus Christ
What more can I say?
It is done, it is finished
There is no other way.

Kept for Jesus Christ
Oh how my soul rejoices
Knowing that I am His forever
And there is no one or nothing that can take me away.

Kept for Jesus Christ
Sweet words to my ear
A well of emotions now stirred up within me
As the tears start to appear.

Kept for Jesus Christ
A sheep following the great Shepherd
Staying close by His side
Listening close to the voice of the Master.

Kept for Jesus Christ
A precious promise from God’s word
No working on my part to keep my salvation
Because it’s all of grace through faith
in the Messiah, Jesus Christ alone.

Kept for Jesus Christ
I will rejoice and praise Him all the rest of my days
Knowing I serve a Savior who not only saves
But also keeps those who are His.

Kept for Jesus Christ
As the Lord continues to mold and shape me
And use this lump of clay however He chooses
Until that day when I see Him face to face.


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