O Triune God

Almighty Father,
The one who dwelleth in heav’n above
The one whose name is to be hallowed
The one who draweth us to Thee
The one who loveth most and
Sent His only Son to die for a most wretched like me.

There is no other name more beautiful
Nor more precious than that of Jesus Christ
Who left His glory in heav’n and came down as a man
Who lived a perfect life
Who died to set men free from sin
Who rose from the dead and defeated death
At whose name every knee will bow

No other power that we can live by
But through the power of the Holy Spirit
Who dost bring conviction
Who dost help the Christian live
Who dost give to each believer gifts to glorify the Lord

O Holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit
One Being, Three Persons, co-eternal
All throughout eternity existed

We praise thee God, the one true triune God
For there is no other and wilt never be
Thou art worthy to receive all glory
Thou art worthy to receive all praise
Thou art worthy to receive all honor

Thy Great and Glorious Lord
One who dost giveth and taketh away
To Thy name we give all praise
Because Thou art worthy to receive nothing less
From everlasting to everlasting
Thou hast been

To You alone do we sing
To you alone do we raise our voice in praise:
Thou art worthy
Nothing canst we bring
But praises to the King
And the very lives that Thou hast given
To glorify and exalt Thy name!


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